Why Join the National Art Materials Trade Association?

NAMTA is the only organization catering specifically to those who sell or manufacture art materials. NAMTA unites members in a common goal to grow the art materials industry by sharing information, creating networking opportunities and providing benefit programs to its members. 

In order to join NAMTA, potential members must apply under one of the following membership categories. NAMTA membership categories are divided by primary purpose of business. Members may only be listed under one category, even though some may fall under many. Please read each category carefully to ensure you are joining under the proper designation. Refer questions on membership categories to

Click on a Category Below for Membership Application:

An individual, partnership, firm or corporation maintaining a store or similar physical establishment, purchasing and maintaining an inventory of a substantial and diverse line of art materials for the purpose of resale to consumers and, where required by law, has secured an appropriate resale license or certificate. Retailers are eligible to attend, not exhibit, at NAMTA’s annual convention and trade show.