About us

Our traditional Kolibri brush factory was established in 1898 in Bechhofen, a city in Bavaria, Germany. Original owner, Karl Feurer, established a small brush factory where he produced a wide range of the finest hair and quill brushes. Soon the Company had to be expanded and in 1903, our headquarters were established in Burk, Germany, where it is still situated.

The company's first customers lived in the neighborhood, but soon customers from foreign countries, especially in south and south-east Europe, became loyal customers.

The Compamy

From 1960 through 2003, our company was developed further by Eduard, “Eddie” Feurer, Otto’s son. With hard work and dedication, the cooperation between our company and our customers has expanded and new customers have been persuaded to buy our brushes. In fact, our returning customer base is more than 50 years old.

Traditional Way

Since 2003 when Eddie retired, Katrin Hubricht, Thomas Hackenberger, and his son Martin are the new owners. They feel obligated to continue to produce the same high-quality products, and to guide the company in its traditional, old-world ways of producing the finest brushes. The product range of Feurer & Sohn GmbH Kolibri brushes, contains a wide range of the premium brushes for all painting techniques.

In addition to more than 150 standard lines, we produce all kinds of brushes on request. All of our brushes, from our standard lines to custom brushes, can be ordered in small packing units.

It isn't possible to grant our exception quality and service without the help of our 20 highly qualified workers, some of whom have worked at our company for 15 years. Currently, we are training young people to make brushes by hand, because we are convinced our clients continue to expect exceptional quality from us.